Why There is No Easy Button in Birth

“The world tells us a story so that we’ll buy their easy buttons forever. We accept this story as truth because we don’t realize that their story is the poison in our air. Our pain is not the poison; the lies about the pain are.”

~ Glennon Doyle


I started this post wanting to talk about yoga and pregnancy. I’ve been reading “Love Warrior” and Glennon has a whole section about finding herself through her body in yoga. We separate and compartmentalize our bodies from our minds so much that I’ve always believed yoga can be a healing middle-ground. It worked for me, during my pregnancies, during my failing marriage, during my reawakening to my sexuality (that I thought was lost forever). I specifically remember the time when I realized that yoga was a spiritual practice (I thought that was just the stupid hippy-dippy shit I had to deal with to get the exercise I liked). I had walked into my weekly yoga class after a particularly grueling marriage counseling session. I had been crying the whole way there. I was feeling particularly hopeless about my relationship. As I gathered myself through increasingly harder poses, I felt better. Our teacher wanted us to try shoulder stands that day (this was NOT a prenatal yoga class, I don’t really recommend shoulder stands in pregnancy). As we all worked on these against the wall, I felt a great release by having my feet above my head fully supported. The tears started flowing. It was like my body was melting into my brain, all those energies that I held so tight within my muscles had nowhere to go. My heart and my brain let go.

I had been attending yoga classes for about 6 months before that happened.

I swear, I’m not rambling (though that is kind of my writing style). Pregnancy involves a lot of preparation. Or you can choose to not do a whole lot. Everyone needs something different. But regardless, pregnancy, birth, parenting, relationships, work…none of it is easy all the time. If we spend our time trying to avoid the pain, trying to avoid the hard stuff, it will catch up to us. That is something I can guarantee (and if you know me, I don’t make a whole lot of guarantees when it comes to life). Be wary of the easy buttons that someone tries to sell you. Be aware of why you try to avoid pain. We all do it. But sometimes, we have to move through it.

Want to experience mind and body melting, not just “preparing your body for labor”? Taking a yoga class may help. Here are some local places I like:

hOMe Family Holistic Center

Full Circle Yoga

Darling Yoga

Body and Soul

KC Yoga Kula

Yoga Patch

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