private mentoring sessions

This is the traditional Birthing From Within Childbirth Series to help you prepare for birth and beyond. It is a 5-part (10-hour) class series that can be every week or every other week in your home, with completion by your 36th week of pregnancy. This class is ideal for first-time parents in the Kansas City area.

Are you newly pregnant and want to get started immediately? Many mothers express needing more educational support in early pregnancy and beyond birth, in the postpartum period. We will meet once a month in your home for 9 months, from early pregnancy to postpartum. This 20-hour comprehensive package ensures that you have customized support when you need it most and also includes online/phone support in times between our sessions. This is ideal for first-time parents in the Kansas City area.

Individual Private Sessions

Why Birthing From Within

Don't need a full series, but you could use some support or mentorship from an experienced birth and postpartum doula (retired)?

  1. Need a birth refresher class?
  2. Want a special session for your birth partner?
  3. Interested in exploring birth art?
  4. Looking for a postpartum or breastfeeding support session?

Individual 2-hour sessions are available to anyone who needs or wants one in their home around the Kansas City area.

  1. Contact me through this site.
  2. I will reach out to you to set up a free phone consultation. In this phone consultation, we will discuss what you think your needs are and I will suggest an educational path for you. If you need to develop a class package outside of what is listed above, we can totally do that. Don't forget to check out this FAQ page before our call. It may answer a lot of your questions!
  3. If you decide to move forward, I will send you dates and times I am available for sessions. We will confirm those dates through Google Calendar invites. Currently, my session availability falls on Monday and Tuesday evenings, as well as 2-3 weekends per month (Saturdays & Sundays). Exceptions can be made.
  4. I will then request your payment for the specified package or session on this site, for the dates we confirmed. If you would like to pay in payments, I will invoice you through PayPal or take in-person payments.
  5. Some mileage fees may apply depending on your location around the Kansas City area if we decide to do in-home classes (I will let you know up front).
  6. Childbirth classes usually involve a mother and her birth partner or doula, but sessions for individuals are great as well! I love mentoring all kinds of family structures, so please don't hesitate to let me know what your needs are.

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