“Tara’s heart for reaching beyond the physical aspects of childbirth and into the soul of her clients,
creating a safe place to ponder the uncomfortable and unexpected helped prepare me for the most amazing birth experience”.

~ Karen 

The philosophy is a wholly unique approach to childbirth education based in the belief that being ready for birth doesn't just include learning labor facts and coping skills, but learning about yourself- examining your assumptions and expectations, understanding your inborn knowledge & skills (mental and physical), and preparing to birth-in-awareness, no matter where or how your birth unfolds. Learn more...

Private, group, and online birth and postpartum classes for parents.

Are you a doula in the Midwest? Would you like to find mentoring and resources from experienced doulas in a safe space? Join the conversation to get support.

Are you a soon-to-be-parent? Already have a baby and are looking for a community of support? Join this Facebook community to help each other.

I came to this work in the quest for healthy babies, loving homes, and happy families. Since 2008, I have supported hundreds of families in birth and beyond, as a birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator. Learn about Tara...

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