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My name is Tara Stratton and I came to this work in the quest for healthy babies, loving homes, and happy families. 

Since 2008, I have supported hundreds of families in birth and beyond, as a Kansas City doula, birth assistant, birth photographer, childbirth educator, and peer counselor.

I witnessed shy fathers advocate for their partners in the birth room, I held strong to women roaring their babies out, I helped providers reduce trauma to their patients, I walked in ERs with women that needed help postpartum, I cried myself to sleep when births took a very bad turn, I kissed the foreheads of every mother I worked with. And sometimes, it was my job to stay the fuck out of the way while a couple worked their shit out during birth, in our prenatal sessions, and even postpartum.

My job was witness to something amazing, terrifying, and in all accounts, ordinary.Kansas City doula


In 2015, I retired from doula work and continued on with what I unexpectedly fell in love with, teaching and mentoring. Instead of being on-call 24/7, I do what I do best without all the 3am phone calls. I spend time with parents, helping them build a relationship with themselves, with each other, and with their baby. I tell the truth as I know it, but most importantly I help people find the truth for themselves. I developed classes that are steeped in evidence, openness, and exploration.

I’m just a guide, you are the explorer.

The years before my foray into motherhood and birth work I attended DePaul University in Chicago and then acquired a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from The University of Missouri – Kansas City in 2001. I specialized in Women’s Studies, Sociology, and Theology. I currently work in the training department of a large healthcare advertising agency and teach Birthing From Within classes on weekends and evenings. My other passions are spending time with my kids, singing, baking, reading voraciously, yoga, coaching t-ball, writing, photography, and making kombucha.


Love Letters

“Tara’s heart for reaching beyond the physical aspects of childbirth and into the soul of her clients, creating a safe place to ponder the uncomfortable and unexpected helped prepare me for the most amazing birth experience”.  ~ Mother, Student

“Tara helped me through two pregnancies and three babies. She was instrumental in helping me achieve a natural birth with my son back in 2010. I went from a scared little lamb to a confident mother bear. Her knowledge, support, soulfulness and friendship is unmatched. Then this past August I had twins! It was a pretty intense pregnancy, filled with a few complications and doubt. For much of the pregnancy we thought a cesarean was necessary. Women think of a doula as a labor coach with the ultimate goal being a natural, vaginal birth. No, no, no. A doula is so much more. Tara helped me prepare for a family centered cesarean birth. We worked through my fears, disappointments and she actually aided me in coming to a very peaceful place. Of course, since life is full of surprises, I ended up with a natural vaginal birth and she was right there with me during labor, helping me ride the waves! Tara is amazing. Hire her immediately.”
~ Mother, Doula Client

“When we hired Tara to be our doula we thought her most important role would be at the hospital, helping us both deal with the stress of labor – an experience we’ve never been through. However, what we know now, is that her services were so much more valuable than that small window of time at the hospital. She helped answer our questions in the weeks before our daughter was born, and provided support while we were still at home in early labor. She provided support not just to me, but also to my husband – helping us to have the birth experience we wanted, a birth without fear. Even now that our little one is at home sleeping in the cradle next to us, we feel comforted knowing that if we have questions, we could call her. Not only would she be willing to help, she would be happy to do so. We would sing her praises to anyone!”
~ Mother & Father, Doula Clients

“Tara is AMAZING! My husband and I both know that our birth experience would not have been the same without her. She helped us be better prepared for labor and birth than any of the 7 books I read. Since this was our first baby we wanted to make sure we did everything we could to make it as easy as we could. Having Tara with us through this journey made it as easy as possible. She answered ALL our questions we had in the weeks before the birth and was with me the moment I started going into early labor. I stayed at home longer and was able to go through early labor in my own home rather than running to the hospital at the first contraction. She was an important part of our team and if we have another baby we will be calling on her again. I have told everyone I know about her and will be referring EVERY pregnant woman I know in the future to her. I couldn’t imagine doing it without her. She is an amazing person with a great heart.”
~ Mother, Doula & Placenta Remedy Client

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