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You’re having a baby (or babies…eek)! This is a very exciting time in life!

Physiologic Birth
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Welcome to No BS Birth Prep. My name is Tara Stratton and I am a Birthing From Within® Mentor offering childbirth & parenting education in Western Kansas and Eastern Missouri (Leawood, Lawrence, Overland Park, Kansas City, and Kearney). Our classes together combine both modern and ancient ways to prepare for your transition to parenthood. We go beyond obstetric basics and explore the relationships with ourselves, our babies and our birth teams; to birth and parent in a state of awareness that has been missing in modern birth (from home birth to cesarean birth).


I come to your home during private sessions or we meet online where you will learn pain and stress-coping practices based on mindfulness, as well as participate in interactive sensory-based exercises that help encourage a healthy pregnancy, an emotionally and physically safe birth, a satisfactory baby-feeding relationship, and a realistic transition to parenthood. These childbirth and parenting education sessions are the most unique offerings in Johnson, Douglas, Jackson and Clay Counties. Our sessions are appropriate for families birthing in any location, planning any type of birth. While much of the information focuses on natural childbirth, the practices can be applied to any scenario in birth. They can be taken alone or in addition to any other birth preparation classes/practices you desire. I will give you the tools to cope with anything birth and parenting may throw at you.

I specialize in helping families with:

Natural Hospital Birth

Medically Assisted Hospital Birth

Family-Centered / Gentle Cesarean Birth

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

Labor Induction Preparation

Home Birth & Water Birth

Birth Center Birth

Birth After Previous Loss

Rebozo Comfort Measures

Giving Birth After Sexual Abuse

Traumatic Birth Recovery

Postpartum Mood Disorders

Breastfeeding Difficulties

Birth Tools and Support for Fathers, Other Mothers, and Birth Partners

They look so small and frail but they are so great and magnificent. They are born of the same womb that birthed the cosmos and knitted together the galaxies. If you could see them as they truly are, you would be astounded. You would see not little children, but dancing clouds of light, energy in motion, swimming in an ocean of love. They are so much more than what you see. As are you.

~ William Martin “The Parent’s Tao Te Ching”